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S2 EP6 - My lesson on going All the way with Healthcare w/Kapsule

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

it's been nearly 2 years since myself, David Chen and Hannan Hashmi  recorded a podcast together. So much has changed since S1 Ep 2.  Whilst we were not able to be in the same room to record this time, we were fortunate to connect via Zoom. We talk about take the big plunge into entrepreneurship, the exciting journey of Kapsule and how they both ended up in Nigeria, as well as the amazing connections they were able to maintain from MSDUK innovative.  The Mission statement that Kapsule continues to strive for is to provide affordable, authentic, and accessible medicines in Africa. 

You can listen to the podcast for Free podcast on the following platforms:

For more information on Kapsule visit:


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