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My Lesson On Youth Culture Being The Heartbeat of Entrepreneurship w/ James Lott

On this episode of the Colchour Shock Podcast, I had the great opportunity to speak with James Lott Founder and Managing Director of Working Knowledge. We had an insightful conversation about young people and how they help startups to scale in growth. In addition, we discussed the following topics:

  1. This misconception of failure.

  2. Discovering what you love what you do.

  3. The value of young people working with startups.

  4. The value of attention in Marketing What it means to have digital engagement.

  5. Tips for networking with other people in today’s digital world.

  6. The importance of surrounding yourself with the right people.

  7. Are entrepreneurs born or made "Chasing the dragon”...

  8. Finding your purpose.

And much more other discussion points ...

You can listen to the podcast for Free podcast on the following platforms:

For more information on Working Knowledge please visit their social platforms:

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