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Step 1


To request being on the podcast email or populate the contact form on 

Provide a business overview of your Start-up business and provide your contact details for a phone call interview.  

Step 2 

Phone interview

The pre-screening phone interview will allow you to learn more about the format of the podcast and any questions concerning scheduling. 

Step 3


The podcast interview will take place via recorded Zoom call. 

Step 4

podcast distribution 

The podcast will be distributed and available to listen to on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Anchor, Google Podcasts and many more. 

Step 5


shared on

The podcast will be shared on a blog post on as well as all of Colchour social media platforms. 

Step 6


shared on SOCIAL MEDIA

Let others know that you have participated in the Colchour Shock Podcast by sharing it on social media.

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