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S4:EP5 My lesson on how to improve your voice and communication skills w/Sylvie Lui

On this episode of the Colchour Shock Podcast, I had the opportunity to speak with Sylvie Lui an Executive voice and communication & Founder of SLVC Voice Training in London. We discuss the following topics:

  • Understanding how your voice works

  • Self-awareness of your voice

  • Code-switching based on your audience

  • Shifting your body to project your voice

  • How a positive & open mindset can improve your communication

  • How to find intention in what you are communicating

  • How a lack of connection results in a lack of engagement

  • Interacting with your audience

You can listen to the podcast for Free podcast on the following platforms

  1. Apple Podcast

  2. Spotify

  3. Google Podcast

  4. Castbox

  5. Overcast

  6. Pocket Casts

  7. RadioPublic

  8. Stitcher

Do follow Sylvie on the following platforms:

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