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Common Wisdom is available for all self starters.

Q1.What is your project about?

[...] CommonWisdom is a people & culture Consultancy [service] for Startups & Scaleups. Beyond that, [website service] functions as a knowledge and news hub for anything related to career design, startup company culture, future of professions, productivity solutions and more. I am also an author of my recent book "Startups Grow With People" reach aims to help others in that field.

Q2.Where did the original idea stem from?

Twelve years ago, I have realised my greatest joy in life was understanding human behavior. Since then, I have majored in Psychology & Sociology. I also worked at large organisations in high-impact roles from recruitment to HRBP which were all closely related to understanding people. For the last three years, I have shifted gears to a different life as an entrepreneur myself, and a startup mentor. I have founded 4 companies (one successful, one failed startup plus two consultancy businesses including CommonWisdom). In my discovery of the world of startups, I have quickly realised that a "persons variable" plays a very crucial role in their success and growth. Yet this variable is usually not managed well. Many founders are lacking the experience in people management & decision making skills and there is a lot of value to be added in developing those skills. That is why I am currently focusing on working with startups who are experiencing those issues such as, partnering, hiring, company culture and more.

Q3. What challenges have you experienced in your journey so far?

The biggest challenge is getting visibility to what I have created. I have 7 books in total (3 of them are in English) and I have been very productive for the last few years,. I am now focusing on promotion over the coming months.

Q4. What is that you are trying to achieve by the end of the year?

My biggest priority is completing the current projects I am leading with stellar customer satisfaction. Other than that I am also a mentor in one of London's incubators - Launch22, and will be hosting office hours on people & culture topics in TechHub London. I'd like to add value to these organisations and establish myself as a bigger trust-capital.

Q5. What do you want the legacy of your project to be known for?

For drawing attention to the importance of people decision making in the success of startups whilst providing them with the necessary tools & concepts to navigate this complexity.

Q6. Where can people find you?

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