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Colchour Shock Podcast S1:Ep7 - My lesson on the Digital age and finding your passion

On this episode of the Colchour Shock Podcast, I interviewed the CEO of Binary Mango - Jacobo Koenig. We discussed how his journey started with learning how to programme whilst on his commute to work and why that was such a pivotal point in his life. We also talked about how he was able to build a business through his passion for programming and the amazing projects that his working on such as augmented reality. In addition, we did a deep dive on the impact that Artificial Intelligence will have in our future, as well as the important discussion surrounding data privacy.

You can listen to the podcast on the following platforms:

​Apple Podcasts: Click here

Spotify: Click here

Stitcher: Click here

Google Podcasts: Click here

For more information on Binary Mango :

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