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Meet The Master Planner Building Her Clients Social Media Presence

Meet Renata Lee, Founder of Tiger Growth Solutions and planwithrenata

Q1.What is your project about?

Renata Lee: My project is Tiger Growth Solutions which helps business owners to grow their businesses by using social media effectively to see an increase in revenue and brand awareness.

My second project can be found on Instagram @planwithrenata - here I showcase my planner and organisation techniques! This is so I can inspire others to stay motivated, organised and find ways to improve and better themselves.

Q2. Where did the original idea stem from?

Renata Lee: Tiger Growth Solutions started after I began running the social media accounts for my Dad’s dental practice! I had learnt so much knowledge about marketing that I wanted to be able to share it and help other business’ to grow their own social media!

@planwithrenata started after my friends encouraged me to post my planner designs on Instagram! It has taken off since and I have loved being able to share my organisation methods with others. For me, I just found flexible planning to be a great way to organise my life as I found traditional planners to rigid and structured. This allowed me to find flexibility!

Q3. What challenges have you experienced in your journey so far?

Renata Lee: So far, I’ve faced so many challenges with Tiger Growth Solutions! However, it has all been a massive learning curve that I have enjoyed! I’m so glad I started because I feel I have learnt so much but also I know there will be more challenges and things to learn in the future.

@planwithrenata hasn’t had too many challenges! I struggled to film my "June Plan With Me" YouTube Video (see below) because I was away from home and didn’t have the right equipment but apart from that it has been a very enjoyable experience!

Q4. What is that you are trying to achieve by the end of the year?

Renata Lee: With Tiger Growth Solutions I hope to have more clients on board that I can share my experience and knowledge of social media marketing with, so that their businesses grow as well!

@planwithrenata has an exciting future ahead as I am looking to build a flexible planning system that is easy for everyone to use! You can follow the journey and launch over @flexiplanner. I hope to use my current following to be able to reach lots of people and help them to live more efficiently, productively and stay more organised!

Q5. What do you want the legacy of your project to be known for?

Renata Lee: For my both my projects I want to be able to help people! My whole world revolves around being able to improve other people’s situations, I wish that everyone is able to live to the best of their ability and being there to help them is a lovely feeling!

Q6. Where can people find you?

Renata Lee: There are a few places you can find me!

My personal Instagram is: @renataxox

My planner Instagram is: @planwithrenata

My business Instagram is: @tigergrowthsolutions

Follow the flexible planner journey on Instagram here: @flexiplanner

My Youtube: Renata Lee

Or you can probably find me hidden in my apartment! 😌

Renata xox

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