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Meet the women behind Better Than One

Q1.What is your project about?

Tracy Jiang: Better Than One is a dating/friendship website that matches people to go on to interesting events together on a 1:1 basis. It focuses on enabling people to meet offline rather than spending lots of time chatting online.

Q2.Where did the original idea stem from?

Tracy Jiang: I have moved to London a year and half ago from New Zealand. I don't have many friends here in London. There are lots of interesting events and places I would like to go in London but I can't find anyone to go with me. One cold raining night, I really wanted to go out for dinner, called all my friends, they all had other plans. I feel this is a huge city with so many people, why can't I even find one person to have dinner with me? That's the night that Better Than One was born.

Q3. What challenges have you experienced in your journey so far?

Tracy Jiang: The biggest challenge is to develop more users and also making sure users turning up to the dates they agreed to go on to.

Q4. What is that you are trying to achieve by the end of the year?

Tracy Jiang: Have a road map on how blockchain technology can help with this service.

Q5. Where can people find you?

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