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The Gold Standard Of Productivity and Time Management

Q1. What is your project about?

Ron Lev: The Gold Model is a method which lets individuals and companies fulfil their missions for specific areas in a systematic and methodical way. It includes productivity improvement and time management tools for every activity on a daily base.

Q2. Where did the original idea stem from?

Ron Lev: The idea came originally two years ago when I had difficulty managing my time in my previous role. The CEO suggested I try using the Eisenhower matrix to deal with the issue, but it didn’t work for me so I invented the Gold Model.

Q3. What challenges have you experienced in your journey so far?

Ron Lev: The main challenge for me is to transmit the idea that this method is very easy and you can see results fast. This is what my clients say when they work with the Gold model for more than a month. When I sit with clients one-to-one, they can see the simplicity and common sense of the model.

Q4. What is that you are trying to achieve by the end of the year?

Ron Lev: I want that by the end of 2018 10,000 individuals and 10 companies will use the methods of the Gold Model.

Q5. What do you want the legacy of your project to be known for?

Ron Lev:The first simple method which transmits the vision into concrete missions and activities that can be managed and revised on a daily basis. My long term mission is that by 2022, 100k people will use the Gold Model.

Q6. Where can people find you?

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