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The man behind the Snuggle Münster brand & newly released book “10 Amazingly Untrue Facts About Snug

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

What is your project about?

Reise: Snuggle Münsters is a brand. One that introduces a new refreshing character the “Snuggle Münster”. They embody relationships between child and parents - inclusive of diversity, imagination and relationships bonds! My first instalment as a part of this project is a short picture book titled “10 Amazingly Untrue Facts About Snuggle Münsters” which is an introduction to what a “Snuggle Münster” actually is and we learn through 10 scenarios what they can do. The premise is that as a child growing up there are roles parents assume naturally, whilst the child is still understanding the relationship bond. So I’ve introduced 10 scenarios which outline this - in the form of the Snuggle Münster! The content is endless and hopefully I am able to open up a dialogue for people to share and express their experiences.

Where did the original idea stem from?

Reise: Working within a primary school for three years I wanted to develop a product to cater towards that audience. I had thought of many ideas and names, none of which will see the light of day, until an idea sparked about an age old phobia for children – being afraid of the dark, monsters specifically. so sparked the brand name and logo, reintroducing to you a loveable “Münster” that you can snuggle and don’t need to be afraid of. This concept developed into a book and formed a whole new message - where I can include exciting and colourful illustrations that children gravitate too and learn to enjoy reading, whilst at the same to providing representation of a diverse world and positive relationships.

What challenges have you experienced in your journey so far?

Reise: The biggest challenge is having to work through setbacks, majority of the time alone. There were very few people I could turn to that understood my vision, so I had to figure it out - the bonus for me was just having the foresight and starting a project that added value to my community, however having to learn as you go along and make mistakes proved frustrating. I did have great people and mentors around me such as; Toniche Wallace (@What2london), Casey Elisha (@CElishabooks), Rebecca Sewell (@ree_sewell) and Rachel Smith (@lrs_alterations) Richard pooransingh (@richy_mov) All business owners with great advice and transferable skills I could learn from!

What is that you are trying to achieve by the end of the year?

Reise: By the end of the year I would like to have “10 Amazingly Untrue Facts About Snuggle Münsters” on book shelves nationwide and to successfully launch a second product under the Snuggle Münster brand.

What do you want the legacy of your project to be known for?

Reise: I want my project legacy to be known for being inclusive of all people! Especially in aiding with children that need the most nurturing - enabling them to identify their relationship bonds with people they trust the most, who they can turn to and confide in.

Where can people find you?

Feel free to leave a message and contact me for all enquiries.


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