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Why Did I Leave Accenture?

I had a feeling that this decision was not going to be an easy choice to make, especially with a career lasting of over 4 years. I have been fortunate to partake in some exciting projects, built key

relationships over my time and developed a sense of security. All throughout my career I have been working on honing my skillset into a specialism. I have not been afraid of wearing multiple hats and playing any position, which benefitted the projects that I was currently working for, however something was still missing.

Accenture gave a young 20 something year old an opportunity to build his career. As time went on, I knew it was important to build my purpose. Now in my late 20’s I have decided to seize on the opportunity by going independent and becoming self-employed. The transition is uncertain but very exciting, and I can say that I am embarking on a new chapter in my career, whilst building my purpose and taking a chance on myself.

I know that there will be some achievements, challenges and many lessons to learn. That is why I am eager to announce that I will be documenting my journey on and other related platforms. I truly believe that the process is greater than the end goal. If you are still reading this then I will be very open to you being a part of this journey with me, as viewer or by participating. If you would like to get more involved then please click on my previous related post.

I appreciate you reading this and hope to provide some awesome content.

One love & peace!

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